The development and manufacture of Ebnat AG toothbrushes is based on the latest findings of dental science. Thus, the latest oral hygiene products are the result of a close cooperation with dentists and university clinics. The most important criteria here are optimal cleaning and being gentle on gums. We also ensure we manufacture ergonomically-designed handles. The use of the best materials and meticulous production processes guarantee Swiss quality.


Ecological Toothbrushes

Wooden Toothbrush

  • FSC®-certified Swiss beech wood
  • mineral oil-free nylon bristles
  • different handles, different head variants


  • simple change mechanism for replacing the brush head
  • handle made from post-consumer recycled material (PCR)
  • Set consisting of a handle and 4 interchangeable heads


  • ideal for production from biobased plastic
  • available in two head sizes
  • material-saving lightweight handle design


Premium Toothbrushes


  • special, opposing bristle angles
  • ergonomic handle shape
  • elastic, pressure-absorbing handle centre


  • efficient, angled bunches of bristles
  • integrated tongue cleaner
  • pleasant TPE anti-slip surface


  • flexible 2-part brush head
  • intelligent mix of sets of bristles, bristle fans and cut of the bristles
  • flexible in the centre of the handle

Shorthead Premium

  • better accessibility due to short head
  • mix of fan-like bristles and sets of bristles
  • unique and classy design


  • effective whitening brush head
  • rubber bristles massage the gums
  • integrated tongue cleaner


Basic Toothbrushes


  • carbon fibre bristles
  • indicator bristles
  • multi-level cut

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  • special short head
  • whitening micro-granular compound
  • flexible toothbrush neck

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  • dynamic contour cut
  • optimised set of bristles
  • ergonomic handle shape

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  • multi-layer contour cut
  • effective massaging of gums
  • non-slip handle with ribbed design

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Star & Sky

  • one-of-a-kind, non-slip grip
  • ergonomically shaped handle
  • efficient, angled bunches of bristles

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  • soft, gentle bristles
  • two different types of head materials
  • soft thumb-stop

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Basic Toothbrushes for Kids

Baby · Kids · Junior

  • gentle and efficient cleaning
  • ergonomically-designed, non-slip handle
  • also available with a suction cup

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Entry-Level Toothbrushes


  • orthodontic cleaning
  • soft and hard bristles
  • lightweight handle design

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