SwissMove: 360° swivel joint stick holder

Simply brilliant!

Swiss Move brings dynamic into housework. Bending down, moving furniture and kneeling down, all this belongs to the past thanks to the Swiss Move floor mop. 

Innovations particularly have to be worth for the user. Ebnat AG thus uses proven functions and creates an additional value with great ideas. With our smart joint stick holder we realised this once again. We are proud to present a true world novelty.

How it works

The Yoga360° swivel joint stick holder is perfectly suitable for numerous applications. It rotates by 360° and can be fixed in every position – angled or straight. Besides the traditional swiping movement in straight position a push movement is also perfectly accomplished in an angled position. Opened the stick holder is movable. In this way the floor can be swiped under furniture lengthwise, crosswise, circling, pulling or pushing.

Also the Swiss Move scrubber offers a unique additional value. With the automatic locking function every 90 degrees our scrubber can be used – similar to the floor mop – for scrubbing the floor lengthwise as well as in the initial position.

perfect reachability of all spots thanks to the open Yoga360° swivel joint stick holder
Three fixed joint positions allow an ideal pull or push movement of the floor mop.
sustainable production from Swiss FSC® beech wood and recycling plastic
efficient scraping edge for resistant dirt with the Swiss Move hand wiper
verifiably optimised cleaning with double circular alignment of bristles
The tight alignment optimises the cleaning performance. The brush also removes resistant dirt in one wipe.