Toothbrush «Shorthead Premium»

The new cleaning sensation

During the development of the «Shorthead Premium», special emphasis was placed on design, functionality and effectiveness.

The special design with the hole in the centre of the handle not only stands out visually from other toothbrushes, but also offers functional advantages. The thumb is ideally placed in the hole recess for secure guidance during the cleaning process. Additional grip is provided by the finetextured surface of the TPE area. The elasticity of the material also optimally absorbs excessive pressure to the tooth surface.

The short, flat head has been designed to r each even the back molars with ease.

The mix of fan-like bristles and sets of bristles incr ease the cleaning efficiency and ensure optimal cleaning of the interdental spaces and tooth surfaces.

Like all Ebnat toothbrushes, the «Shorthead Premium» was developed in cooperation with a Swiss university and tested for its cleaning performance.