We use a management system to ensure that our products, manufacture, facilities and processes meet the specified quality, environmental and safety-related requirements. Thanks to this system we also safeguard continuous improvement.  To this end, the required activities, responsibilities and authorities of all parties involved are specified. By doing so, we prevent errors through planned measures in all phases of the planning and manufacturing process.  Furthermore, the management system is used to define the measures, which ensure that any errors are identified and documented, no faulty products are delivered to customers and any causes of error are analysed.


Outstanding customer benefit is our ultimate ambition. Our customers’ expectations, as well as our social and corporate responsibility demand that our products and services are of the appropriate quality. We achieve this through a high level of accountability of our staff in all business processes.


We set great store by safety in our workplaces, operational facilities and the entire infrastructure. This way we minimise the risk of injury to our employees. In Addition, we ensure that the relevant laws and regulations are complied with.


Ebnat is committed to the globally accepted concept of “sustainable development”, as the needs of the present must not be satisfied at the expense of future generations. Every individual contributes to the protection of the environment and is responsible for his/her own actions and performance.


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) was established in 1993 by environmental organisations, representatives of native ethnic groups and companies within the forestry and timber industry as a global, independent non-profit organisation. The FSC® is a membership-based organisation that is open to all natural persons and corporate entities. It is based in Bonn, Germany.

Swiss Wood

There are many good reasons to rely on Swiss wood: the product has not to be transported over long distances, it saves energy and protects regional jobs. With the «Schweizer Holz« certification, Ebnat AG gives preference to native woods and is committed to a sustainable forestry and wood industry.