Toothbrush «White»

Brilliant and efficient

The «White» toothbrush has been developed specifically for targeted cleaning and beautiful, white teeth.

The effective whitening brush head increases the cleaning performance and counteracts tooth discolouration. Rubber bristles massage the gums, polish the tooth surface and distribute the toothpaste foam optimally.

Due to the flexibility in the centr e of the handle, the pressure on the teeth and gums is balanced, thus preventing excessive scrubbing. In addition, the gr ooved TPE anti-slip surfaces ensure safe guidance of the brush and a comfortable cleaning experience. With the integrated tongue cleaner on the back of the brush head, the «White» toothbrush achieves holistic oral hygiene as well as a pleasant feeling of fr eshness.

Like all Ebnat toothbrushes, the «White» was developed in cooperation with a Swiss university and tested for its cleaning performance.