Purus: Bottle brush & Co.

purus. – the assortment for the idealistic customer

This assortment is what it is. No more, no less. The name says it all: «purus» means not only pure, but also simple, honest, unvarnished and natural.

The products are aimed at the «new» customer, who is not blinded by unnecessary «frippery» but appreciates the impudence of this assortment. A customer who cares about the environment. A customer who buys what he needs – not more, but also not less – that’s it.

Only renewable raw materials were used for this assortment. The handle is made of high-quality FSC®-certified Swiss beech wood and is equipped with bristles out of bio-based plastic. For purus., «bio-based»* means that the plastic is not derived from mineral oil but from castor oil.

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An assortment that can be expanded

Three products are not enough for this assortment. Ebnat is endeavouring to develop further reduced products in the accustomed Ebnat quality to cover even more customer requirements in this segment.