Interdental Brushes with protection cap

Accurate and user-friendly

Regular cleaning of the interdental spaces is indispensable for comprehensive and prophylactic oral hygiene. Interdental brushes ensure efficient cleaning of these hard-to-reach areas.

With many different diameters, the range offers optimally adapted and thorough cleaning for every interdental space. The plastic-coated wire makes brushing particularly gentle on tooth enamel.

The interdental brushes are very easy to use and remove food residues and plaque between the teeth without much effort. Especially with dentures and braces, the brushes are ideal for thoroughly cleaning gaps and spaces.

The multiple-use cap completes the genius of this product: as protection at the upper end of the brush, and the grip extension on the rear end of the body.

Interdental brushes are a good alternative to dental floss. Like a toothbrush, they can be rinsed under running water after use and thus be reused several times.


A convincing assortment

The interdental range is impressive: The different interdental brush diameters address a broad target group. All products are hygienically blister-packed. We would be happy to put together your individual assortment with you.