Toothbrush «Comet»

Innovative and professional

The «Comet» toothbrush optimally meets the wide range of individual user needs with two different head and trim versions.

Thanks to the ergonomic handle design, flexibility in the neck area and non-slip thumb recesses, using the toothbrush is particularly comfortable and gentle.

The short-head version of the «Comet» ensures that even the back molars are reached completely and effortlessly during brushing.

The optionally available whitening trim has been specially developed to optimise natural tooth whitening. The bristles with integrated microgranules gently polish the tooth surfaces and lighten discolourations from red wine, tea or tobacco.

With both versions, the proven 3-level profile cut ensures extremely thorough dental hygiene.

Like all Ebnat toothbrushes, the «Comet» was developed in cooperation with a Swiss university and tested for its cleaning performance.