Code of Conduct

Ebnat AG acts integrally and ethically correct vis-à-vis all its stakeholders. This is in line with our sustainable company philosophy, our mission and our basic principles. We ask all our employees and business partners to support us in the implementation of our Code of Conduct. Only together we can reach the goal. Ebnat AG therefore endeavours to work together with business partners whose values and actions are in harmony with our own.

All business partners of Ebnat AG are requested to adhere to the rules indicated below and to put into effect appropriate measures. Likewise our partners are required to ensure that also their partners will commit to complying with these expectations.

Ebnat AG expresses many thanks for your support and co-operation. Your contact at Ebnat AG will be at your disposal at any times in case you require further information. 

Legal Compliance

Compliance with all laws and regulations relevant to our enterprise, in particular national and interna-tional antitrust and competition laws, money laundering laws, legislation concerning business conduct, product quality, environmental standards, legislation concerning health and safety at work as well as labour law etc. 

Confidential / Proprietary Information

Business partners must respect the intellectual property, trade secrets and other confidential, proprietary or sensitive information of Ebnat AG and may not use or disclose such information. Any information or data of Ebnat AG shall be treated by partners as confidential at all times and shall not be disclosed to 3rd parties unless Ebnat AG agrees in writing. 

Ethical Dealings

Honest dealing with business partners is essential to sound and long lasting business relationships. Ebnat AG seeks to give all potential partners fair consideration. Decisions are based on objective criteria such as price, quality, and service capability as well as partner’s reliability and integrity. Giving or receiving any kickbacks, bribes or similar payments of any sort is prohibited. 


Business partners should be aware that it is not permissible for Ebnat AG employees to give or receive gifts, payments or other benefits that influence any business decision or that create the appearance of influencing any business decision. Partners are therefore discouraged from providing any gifts and may not provide a gift or other benefit to a Ebnat AG employee or close family member of a Ebnat AG employee. There are no objections against gifts of minor value once per calendar year. 

Labour Practices

Ebnat AG opposes the use of illegal child labour, the exploitation of minors and all other forms of abu-sive or exploitative labour practices. It is Ebnat AG policy not to work with any business partner known to operate with illegal worker treatment or known to work with suppliers who operate with illegal worker treatment. 

Universal Human Rights

Ebnat AG is committed to respecting the international human rights. To that end, Ebnat AG only seeks to work with business partners who also comply with the following principles:

  • equal opportunity for all employees
  • wages to enable employees to meet at least their basic needs
  • provide opportunities for employees to improve their skills and competences
  • legally mandated work hours and compensation for overtime hours in accordance with local law
  • respect the employees’ lawful freedom of association 

Workplace Health and Safety

Business partners are encouraged to maintain health and work safety measures which are at least in accordance with local legislation and are consistent with those of Ebnat AG. Employees of business partners who are present in Ebnat AG facilities have to adhere to the Ebnat AG health and safety standards. 

Environmental and Safety Considerations

Processes and standards for waste management, handling of chemicals and other hazardous substances and the disposal thereof as well as for emissions and waste water treatment must at least comply with legal minimum requirements or surpass them. Business partners of Ebnat AG promote a sustainable use of natural resources. 

Management Systems

The business partner company shall define and implement a policy for social accountability within the framework of a management system. It shall follow an anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy in all of its business activities. The business partner is responsible for the correct implementation and continuous improvement of the implementation of the Code of Conduct. He takes corrective measures and periodical review of the Code of Conduct as well as the applicable legislation. He is also responsible to ensure that all employees are informed about the requirements of the Code of Conduct. 

Quality Requirements

Ebnat AG expects that quality agreements and standards worked out together with business partners are adhered to at all times.