Being versatile is our special quality. We do our best to fulfil all the wishes of housewives and househusbands.  Materials are perfectly matched to the different applications. In the case of wooden products, we utilise exclusively wood from FSC-certified forests.


Get to know our user-friendly, successful product lines. Each line consists of every cleaning aid required for inside and outside the house.
The use of the best materials and meticulous production processes guarantee Swiss quality.

Swiss Move

  • Yoga360° swivel joint stick holder
  • perfect reachability of all spots
  • Swiss FSC® beech wood and recycling plastic


  • 2in1 – for in- and outdoor use
  • resistant to humidity and oil
  • also suitable for delicate floor coverings


  • 2-tier, high-tech brush head: soft & efficient
  • also ideal for wet cleaning
  • robuste, langlebige Materialien

ÜX – The Superbroom

  • patented handle joint
  • resource-saving Design
  • FSC©-certified Swiss beech wood


  • Environmentally-friendly range of wooden products
  • 100% natural head materials
  • FSC©-certified Swiss beech wood

Classic Clean

  • Timeless 2-component design
  • Dustpan and brush set with click system
  • Scrubbers with practical cloth holders


  • Material-saving design
  • Dustpan and brush set with click system
  • Effective scraper edges


  • Light but sturdy design
  • Practical hanger
  • Timeless design

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  • For premium workplace hygiene
  • Heat resistant to 95° C
  • Two different strengths of head material

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  • Flexible handle
  • With suspension system
  • Cover opens / closes automatically

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