Toothbrush «BABY» · «KIDS» · «JUNIOR»

Only the best for our little ones

This children‘s toothbrush range has been specially developed to meet the needs and fine motor skills of children at different stages of growth.

Non-slip and ergonomically designed handles provide optimal handling for all three toothbrush models: Both the guiding and later supporting parent hand and children‘s small hands can be comfortably placed around the handle.

The special architecture of the handle, with a material mix of flexible TPE and hard PP, provides cushioning if the pressure on teeth and gums is too firm.

The «Baby» toothbrush with an extra-small brush head is ideal for getting familiar. Ultra-soft bristles with rounded shape cut provide extremely gentle gum massage and cleaning of first little teeth.

«Kids» with a slightly larger brush head, soft trim and light level cut, offers gentle and efficient cleaning of the milk teeth. It is available with a normal handle or a suction cup at the end of the handle.

«Junior» offers thorough cleaning right into the interdental spaces thanks to its larger head with 2-level cut and massages the gums at the same time.