Baby, Kids and Junior

Due to the indentations on the underside of the «Baby» toothbrush, the thumb can be ideally placed. Both the rubber component and the ribbed design are an optimal non-slip feature.

The non-slip, playful toothbrush has been developed specifically for both the parent's and the child's hands. The all-round undulated shape allows both small and large hands to comfortably place their fingers.

Ultrasoft bristles with a round contour cut provide for gentle cleaning and are therefore gentle on sensitive baby gums.

The undulated shape of the «Kids» toothbrush allows both small and large hands optimally place their fingers. The indentations on the underside indicate the perfect placement of the thumb. The ribbed design and rubber component are non-slip features for optimal handling. The non-slip, playful toothbrush is also available with ­a suction cup.

Soft bristles and a gently layered cut ensure gentle and efficient cleaning. The 2-tier set of bristles of the «Junior» toothbrush with the gentle brush head is optimal for thorough cleaning whilst being gentle on the gums.

The ergonomically-designed handle guarantees good manoeu­vrability and lies optimally in the hand thanks to the thumb grip and undulated shape. In addition, the neck gives if too much pressure is exerted.