Wooden grill brush

Quality and sustainability for your grill

Who is not dreaming of it : Many sparkling clean steel bars shining at you, when you open the grill cover. A grill that looks like new. The new wooden grill brush from Ebnat makes this dream come true. We have set ourselves the goal of rethinking the optimal bristle pattern of a grill brush from scratch. The result is more than convincing.

A specially designed step cut ensures optimum cleaning performance. Angled, slightly longer tufts of bristles enclose the grill bars and achieve a higher degree of efficiency than conventional grill brushes.

Offset filament tufts ensure that the grill bars do not get between the filament rows and the bristles thus «clean into the void». The grill bars are thus in contact with the tips and not with the sides of the bristle tufts. This allows the highly abrasive properties of the brass to work their magic.

In addition, a stronger filament was chosen. This means that the brush can withstand even large forces during cleaning and the bristles are prevented from being pressed apart.
The stainless-steel scraper edge integrated into the handle is an additional practical cleaning feature.

Sustainability is a matter close to Ebnat‘s heart. Our grill brush is made of natural materials – FSC® certified beech wood, stainless steel, brass, goatskin – and is manufactured in Switzerland. The replaceable grill brush head also ensures the longevity of the quality product.

unique, stable step cut for optimum cleaning performance
the filament encloses the bars and enables higher efficiency
the used brush head can be removed with little effort
the brush head can be easily clicked into the holder
the sturdy stainless steel scraper edge removes even stubborn, heavily burnt-in dirt
the practical leather strap makes it easy to hang it on the grill

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