Acquisition of company premises

Ebnat AG acquires company premises in Wattwil

At the end of June 2023, Ebnat AG acquired the building of the former "Blockfabrik" in Wattwil. Following the extension of the production building in Ebnat-Kappel, we are thus once again strengthening our location in Toggenburg.

In addition to minor repairs to the floor and walls, the high-bay warehouse must be converted to the correct shelf height, which in turn entails an adjustment of the sprinkler system.

After a short phase of renovation, Ebnat AG will move into the well connected and centrally located company premises at the end of 2023 and start operations there.

"For us, this is a unique opportunity to centralise our logistics in the shortest possible time and with little effort and to create space reserves for future growth" (Quote: Michele Vela, CEO Ebnat AG).

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