Toothbrush «Velvet»

Velvety dental care

The «Velvet» toothbrush was specially developed to prevent periodontitis and gingivitis. This involves gentle care of irritated gums and sensitive necks of teeth, whilst simultaneously cleaning teeth effectively and thoroughly removing plaque.

The interplay of stable bristle fields surrounded by a bristle ring made of velvety soft bristles allows optimal care of the entire dental system.

Thanks to special conical bristles and a unique level cut, even hard-to-reach tooth areas are reached effortlessly. This guarantees thorough removal of plaque, especially in the interdental area.

The ergonomically shaped handle with non-slip TPE areas on the front and back allows the brush to be guided safely during use.

Like all Ebnat toothbrushes, the «Velvet» was developed in cooperation with a Swiss university and tested for its cleaning performance