Our Product Line

Get to know our user-friendly, successful product lines. Each line consists of every cleaning aid required for inside and outside the house.
The use of the best materials and meticulous production processes guarantee Swiss quality.


  • 100% renewable and vegan
  • ideal for bottles, glasses and dishes
  • FSC®-certified Swiss beech wood


  • brush head is safe for dishwasher
  • handle made of FSC®-certified beech wood (CH)
  • two handle lengths for dishes and pans

Swiss Move

  • Yoga360° swivel joint stick holder
  • perfect reachability of all spots
  • Swiss FSC® beech wood and recycling plastic


  • 2in1 – for in- and outdoor use
  • resistant to humidity and oil
  • also suitable for delicate floor coverings


  • 2-tier, high-tech brush head: soft & efficient
  • also ideal for wet cleaning
  • robuste, langlebige Materialien

ÜX – The Superbroom

  • patented handle joint
  • resource-saving Design
  • FSC®-certified Swiss beech wood

Joint Brush

  • ergonomic design
  • robust and effective
  • multifunctional application

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  • Environmentally-friendly range of wooden products
  • 100% natural head materials
  • FSC®-certified Swiss beech wood

Classic Clean

  • Timeless 2-component design
  • Dustpan and brush set with click system
  • Scrubbers with practical cloth holders


  • Material-saving design
  • Dustpan and brush set with click system
  • Effective scraper edges


  • Light but sturdy design
  • Practical hanger
  • Timeless design

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  • For premium workplace hygiene
  • Heat resistant to 95° C
  • Two different strengths of head material

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  • Flexible handle
  • With suspension system
  • Cover opens / closes automatically

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