Inspire: 2-tier, high-tech brush head

More than a feeling! An entire product range that inspires.

Love at first sight. To start with, let’s examine the outer appearance. A timeless colour scheme in black and white with silver extras, set in a clear, functional form. A new brush head look. Potential for a classic.

As we take a closer look, INSPIRE also offers a range of internal values. The set of bristles (patent pending) represents a new cleaning generation.  Long pointed and shorter efficient bristles in reciprocal action. Smart and effective. On looking closely, the details on the brush body, such as the scraper edge and furniture protector, turn out to be a profitable added value.

Six products, all of which are provided with particular capabilities for their specific applications and equipped with the unique INSPIRE brush head.  Ready to enthral your customers.

Place your trust in the latest cleaning generation, hard-wearing materials and a timeless look of Swiss quality.