Innovation has a tradition here that is more than 100 years old. As a result of verifiable advantages, our practical, user-friendly products facilitate optimal cleaning.

We aim to strengthen our head start in terms of knowledge through the co-operation of our own Research Department with various research facilities. As one of Europe’s most state-of-the-art brush factory, we successfully shape the future with drive, creativity and aesthetics.

Swivel joint holders

Products with swivel joint:

45° Brush position: Unscrew the thread by rotating it and lock it into the next section to obtain a 45° angle. The angle can be adjusted on both sides to ensure that the broom does not wear on one side only.
Flexible: Turn the handle to unscrew the thread and to make the handle flexible for easier operation, so that even hard-to-access places can be reached.
90° Rotation: When rotating the thread on the scrubber, it automatically locks after every 90 degrees. This facilitates optimal lengthwise cleaning if required.



Recycling Products

With its sophisticated recycling process, Ebnat AG is able to produce various 1-component products in an environmentally friendly manner. This way, cleaning with recycled Ebnat products becomes an environmentally-friendly activity.

On average we process and recycle 25 tonnes of PP waste every year. From this recycled material we produce approx. 1.2 million washing-up brush heads annually.



Double ring of bristles

Products with a double ring of bristles:

The specially developed arrangement of the head material helps you achieve a better cleaning performance.