Toothbrush «Elégance»

Recommended by professionals

The elegant, ergonomic design and extremely pleasant feel distinguish the «Elégance» toothbrush.

A thumb rest with a finely textured surface ensures the correct positioning of the fingers and the necessary grip when brushing the teeth. The brush head is tapered towards the front so that the back molars are also optimally reached. This combination ensures an extremely comfortable cleaning experience.

The toothbrush is available in two different versions: with a straight cut for conventional tooth cleaning, or with the specially levelled ortho cut, which achieves an orthodontic cleaning effect.

The special double set of bristles of the «Elégance Ortho» helps remove food scraps from brackets and is ideally suited for people wearing braces or fitted with dental implants. The short, tougher bristles optimally clean the enamel, whilst the long, softer bristles clean the interdental spaces and gently massage the gums.

Like all Ebnat toothbrushes, the «Elégance» was developed in cooperation with a Swiss university and tested for its cleaning performance.